exhibition “B&W gallery in Tbilisi – Georgia” postponed

exhibition postponed!

After the pandemic situation caused by Corona virus and Facing with its unavoidable problems all over the world so many many things changed. All of sudden we see ourselves in the middle of totally new and unexpected lifestyle which wasn’t really easy to stick with but seems seriously inevitable. Maybe even just a week earlier before the outbreak Nobody could imagine these new circumstances could be for real.

Countries started to cancel their social events one by one and so many national or personal occasions got unbelievably canceled or postponed. The amount of changes and its contrast with the word we used to know was simply so high to be described. Naturally all of these changes occurred so many results on a variety of different things. Maybe the best thing about was a cleaner and a quieter planet and I believe we cannot overlook the karma at this point.

exhibition “B&W gallery in Tbilisi – Georgia”

As a result of new terms of Public places and closure of the international borders almost in every single countries all the gathering became a dream at once. All kind of artistic events postponed until an unknown time and Obviously The Tblisi group Exhibition, provided by Pallet art agency wasn’t an exception.

It was supposed to be hold on May 2020 and one of my black and white from a recent photo series was also going to be shown but apparently the whole world is experiencing a Big pause and I’ll also be waiting beside the other people to see when we can have our normal world back.

I like to express My deep condolences to all the families and people who lost their beloved ones during these last months and I certainly hope that we can be healing soon and learn how to maintain the balance of nature and human life.




4 thoughts on “exhibition “B&W gallery in Tbilisi – Georgia” postponed

  1. Penny says:

    That was unfortunate. It’s a Really bad situation with corona virus.
    Hope to see your photos in exhibition soon.

  2. Antoine says:

    Mais pas grave, t’inquiète pas, on verra votre exhibition finalement, beaucoup des exhibitions sont annulées mais ce n’est pas rester pour toujours!

  3. Patrick says:

    But don’t give up! Move toward and you will find your innovative way even in this situation!
    Looking forward to seeing more series from you!


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